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Do you need to demonstrate your compliance with a safety management standard?…..

Are you based in New Zealand?…..

Have you been audited to the ACC WSMP scheme in the past?…..

Work Safe Warranty has been developed to take over where ACC WSMP left off…

The ACC WSMP scheme has ended February 2017 so all the organisations in New Zealand that were utilising this as their compliance tool will be at a loose end. ACC WSMP was a management system standard that organisations were being audited against, if compliant they received an ACC WSMP compliance certificate that they could use to provide evidence of having a health and safety system. Now this is gone companies are looking for another option. Look no further…. Work Safe Warranty is your solution!!!

The Work Safe Warranty certification program has specifically been designed to replace the ACC WSMP scheme. It is based on the same requirements as the ACC WSMP scheme which itself was based on the requirements of the AS/NZS 4801 standard.

As the ACC WSMP has been discontinued in New Zealand there have been many bogus non-credible safety certification schemes coming out of the woodwork trying to fill the void left behind by the ending of WSMP. Before choosing another certification program to replace your old ACC WSMP certification please do your homework to avoid dodgy certifiers. I could list the dodgy ones on here but that is not very professional…. ha-ha

If the CAB/Certifier does not hold accreditation by an Accreditation Body that itself is an IAF MLA signatory then it could be like buying a diploma online from Pakistan, worthless. Not only could you be aligning yourself with a substandard CAB/Certifier but your clients will reject your certificates and you will have to get re-audited by a credible auditing company. Here is a link to another page on our site explaining accreditation and what it means.

International Certifications Ltd are accredited by JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System of Australia & New Zealand) to offer Health & Safety Management System Certification. The Work Safe Warranty certification standard and program were developed by International Certifications Ltd.

Get Certified to Work Safe Warranty

Getting certified to the Work Safe Warranty standard is simple.

Step 1…. Download a free copy of the Work Safe Warranty standard (scroll further down this page).

Step 2…. Contact our New Zealand office. Freephone 0800 ISO 9001 (0800 476900) or e-mail

Step 3…. We will provide you with an obligation free fixed fee quotation.

Step 4…. If you are keen to go ahead, simply sign and return last two pages of the quotation to us.

Step 5…. We will assign you a client manager, they will help you through the certification process.

Step 6…. We will conduct a certification audit against the requirements of Work Safe Warranty.

Step 7…. If you meet the requirements of the standard we issue certification that lasts 1 year.

Step 8…. You need an audit every 12 months to make sure you always have a current certificate.

The Requirements

Unlike most other management system standards the Work Safe Warranty Standard is freely available at no cost to anyone.

Fill the form below to download Work Safe Warranty 2016.

DIY Safety Management Tool Kit

As our commitment to Health & Safety Management in New Zealand we have put together a comprehensive DIY Safety Management Toolkit to help companies comply with the requirements of the Work Safe Warranty standard.

The toolkit contains a brilliant template health & safety management manual that meets all the requirements of Work Safe Warranty. It also contains all the necessary forms and documentation that is needed. It is extremely simple to customise and implement and you will be shocked at its ease of use.

For an obligation free copy of the DIY Safety Management Toolkit feel free to contact us, one will be sent to you at no charge with instructions for use.

New Zealand Specific Safety Management Standard

Work Safe Warranty has been specifically developed for New Zealand conditions and the New Zealand companies operating here.

Every year about 60 people are killed in workplace incidents, and hundreds more die as a result of work-related ill health. Our work-related fatality statistics are three times as high as the UK and nearly twice as high as Australia. This is terrible, everyone who goes to work deserves to come home healthy and safe.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) is New Zealand’s workplace health and safety law. HSWA sets out the principles, duties and rights in relation to workplace health and safety. Click here for information from the Work Safe New Zealand website.

The Pike River coal mining tragedy on 19th November 2010 has led to significant changes to the way workplace health and safety is regulated in New Zealand. Twenty nine men lost their lives that day.

Image result for pike river explosion

Do the right thing by your staff and implement a robust and effective health and safety management system.

There are a wide variety of reasons why health and safety is crucial for running a successful business and they are:

  • It demonstrates that the business is socially responsible
  • Enhances and protects brand value and its image
  • Increases the productivity of employees and workers of all kinds
  • Enhances the worker’s commitment to their company
  • Builds a healthier workforce
  • Decreases business disruption and its costs
  • Encourages the work field to have an active life
  • Allows business to meet the safety expectations of their customers

For all your Safety Management needs contact International Certifications today……


We are in the process of approving more auditors. If you are a Safety Management System Auditor and you would like to find out about being approved to offer these audits in New Zealand please feel free to contact us on 09-273 4099 or e-mail

The list of approved auditors will be uploaded for public view by the end of march 2017.


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