NSW Work Health and Safety Management Systems Auditing Guidelines 5th Edition

The Guidelines have been developed to enable NSW government agencies which undertake construction and infrastructure projects to work with the construction industry in a manner that:

    • Improves safety outcomes for all construction industry participants;
    • Provides a consistent minimum standard across all NSW government construction projects that construction industry participants must meet;
    • Facilitates a safety management systems approach by construction contractors;
    • Increases productivity and efficiency by improving planning and reducing accidents;
    • Supports NSW government agencies in demonstrating they are meeting their obligations under Work Health and Safety laws.

These WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines apply to all NSW government construction projects, and provide the framework for applying a systematic approach to the management of WHS.

The NSW Government Construction Agencies have agreed that:

    • Their construction contractors will be required to develop and implement WHS Management Systems and plans consistent with these Guidelines
    • The contract value threshold which the contractors must have an accredited Corporate WHS Management System is $1m
    • These requirements will apply for tenders invited from 1 October 2013 and subsequent contracts
    • Implementation will be managed as part of the business activities of the NSW Government Construction Agencies
    • The effectiveness of the Guidelines will be reviewed and assessed in 2018

These Guidelines are a key element of the Procurement Policy Framework of the NSW Government. They are available from the NSW Government Procurement website www.procurepoint.nsw.gov.au.

Contractors are responsible for engaging an independent OHS Auditor like International Certifications, to provide certification that the contractor’s WHS Management System complies with the NSW Government WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines 5th Edition.

If you require assessment and certification to NSW Government WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines 5th Edition please contact one of our Australian offices.



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