Introduction- ECO Warranty

ECO Warranty has been developed to help businesses to incorporate environmental management effectively into their operations and activities. Thereby it concentrates on the fundamental elements of international best practice for environmental management without over complicating the implementation and maintenance of the system.

The standard provides a framework to manage your business’ processes by planning and taking required actions to address the business’ environmental impacts successfully. This framework is called an Environmental Management System or simply EMS. You will identify your business’ environmental issues and set goals and targets to minimise your impact on the environment. Through an ongoing improvement cycle you will review and assess the effectiveness of your system and monitor your environmental performance over time. This ensures that your organisation’s environmental footprint will be reduced, which oftentimes results in efficiency gains and cost savings.

An independent assessment by International Certifications Ltd against the ECO Warranty standard gives you the assurance that you have implemented the system to an international recognised standard, it will provide you with suggestions to further improve your practices and you will obtain the right to use the certification marks to promote your commitment environmental protection to your stakeholders.

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Elements of ECO Warranty

The following are the critical elements of the ECO Warranty:2016 standard:

  • Organisational Context
  • Leadership and Commitment to Care of the Environment
  • Environmental Review
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Planning
  • Environmental Control & Monitoring
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Training, Awareness and Competence
  • Control of Documentation & Communication
  • System Verification

To learn more about the requirements please download a copy of the standard here, it’s FREE.

Benefits of ECO Warranty Certification for your business

Some of the benefits of EcoWarranty certification for your business may include:

  • Having implemented a fully functioning EMS based on international best practice (the EMS is on par with ISO 14001:2015)
  • Reduction of your business environmental footprint and achievement of cost savings
  • User friendly approach to environmental management that requires fewer resources
  • Access to business opportunities that require a certified EMS
  • Marketing tools to demonstrate environmental responsibility your customers and other stakeholders
  • Improved staff morale by being a responsible employer
  • An engagement tool for staff and other stakeholders to address environmental matters
  • Management of compliance requirements (i.e. legal and regulatory) to minimise risk of prosecutions
  • Access to expert knowledge in environmental management by being in a partnership with International Certifications Ltd

Certification Process

The first step to gaining certification to ECO Warranty is to contact us to discuss your situation. Our experts will determine your current situation and maturity of environmental management practices to advise of the best approach to prepare your business for certification.

The time and work required to get ready for certification depends on the size and complexity or your organisation and what processes are already in place. For example, an organisation which already has other management systems in place (i.e. Quality or Health & Safety) will required less work than a company which is starting from scratch.  Either way, with our assistance as well as our tools and resources you can rest assured that the process of preparing your business for certification will be as smooth and painless as possible.

During this phase we will also provide you with a quote for certification of your business and you will start the application process.

Once you have implemented your system and are ready for certification you will contact us to arrange a time for the certification audit.

The certification process is detailed here The process for ECO Warranty is the same as any other standard excpet there is no need for a stage 1 assessment.

On the date of the audit an on-site audit will be conducted by one of our auditors to determine compliance with the ECO Warranty standard.  Any deficiencies found during the audit are required to be corrected before certification can proceed. If deficiencies cannot be corrected immediately, a 30 day extension, will be given to make the necessary improvements and have them verified by the same auditor.

After completion of the audit the auditor will prepare an assessment report and will forward all relevant information to International Certification Ltd where it gets peer reviewed. Upon successful certification you will be provided with a registration certificate, information pack, and certification logo. Your company will also be added to the list of registered companies which is publicly visible.

The ECO Warranty certification programme requires annual re-certification to maintain the certification status.

Tools, Training and Resources

We have a range of tools and resources available that will help you implement an effective EMS and start you working towards ECO Warranty certification.

EMS toolkit
This toolkit is designed to help organisation’s implement a fully functioning EMS that meets the ECO Warranty standard requirements from scratch. Please contact us if you are interested in this.

Training courses
Our EMS training course will guide you through the requirements of the standard and how to implement relevant systems within your business to meet these. The course includes interactive workshops to identify environmental impacts, set meaningful improvement targets and implement adequate control measures within your business processes. For the next training course in your area, please look at our training page.

To learn more about ECO Warranty please refer to the ECO Warranty datasheet, which you can be e-mailed to you.

ECO Warranty:2016 Standard

The ECO Warranty standard that details the requirements can be downloaded for free.

Fill the form below to download ECO Warranty standard 2016.

Eco Warranty ICL


Hundreds of businesses across the globe have gained certification to the ECO Warranty standard. Hear what some of these have to say about it.

“Avis Budget Group has found the Ecofocus programme in our Head Office a really useful way of focussing our staff on doing their bit for environmental sustainability. The EcoWarranty certification process allows us to take a more strategic approach to how we support sustainability in broader areas of our business via the annual review.  It has had a definite impact on helping us reduce waste, costs and continually improve how we operate.”

Roy Scoon, National Marketing Manager at AVIS Budget Group New Zealand

“We find the Eco Warranty system very easy to integrate into our everyday life and the benefits it brings are widespread.  The positive feedback we receive from our clients serves to reinforce our commitment to achieving even higher environmental goals.”

David Morrissey, Director at SLS Security Group

For more testimonials have a look at the testimonials page.


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