Web based prequals don’t work – they actually do more harm!!!

New Zealand has gone mad with web based prequal programs…. many large organisations are requiring their suppliers to register and be rated on one of the web based prequal solutions (there are more providers  jumping on the web based prequal bandwagon weekly).

The reason most organisations are requesting that their suppliers be registered and rated on one of the web based prequals is to show that they are actively reviewing their supplier’s credentials for health and safety to demonstrate their own commitment to safety management. The problem with using one of the web based prequal solutions is that they are not getting a true picture of the supplier’s health and safety management system. The web based prequal solutions only review the supplier’s paperwork (policies, procedures and forms) that the supplier uploads to the system. I have seen first hand contracting companies creating policies and procedures to meet the requirements of the prequal provider. The web based prequal solutions only check what the paperwork says, they don’t check to see if the policies and procedures are actually implemented. This is where the harm is done to the process – so many contracting companies say “health and safety is just paper work”…. imposing web based prequal solutions for your suppliers is wrong and harmful to industry!!!!

Having a health and safety system in place should NOT just be about paperwork… it is about having effective safety management systems in place to protect people from harm. By putting all the focus on supplier’s supplying paperwork only to justify their safety credentials is causing more risk to people in industry because people falsely believe that their suppliers are being safe. The other way to look at it is going to sound negative but I have seen first hand evidence to back it up even from government departments. Some large organisations are using web based prequal solutions to demonstrate their commitment to their supplier’s safety management systems, they see it as an easy option to get around health and safety requirements. If they genuinely cared and wanted to know about their supplier’s health and safety management they would do something that worked.

The only way to genuinely know what an organisation’s suppliers are doing is for the organisation to audit them or have them externally audited – web based prequal solutions DO NOT WORK!!!!

If you want to know the state of your supplier’s safety management practices you need to have someone physically see what they do – that is called an AUDIT.

Health and safety management web based prequal solutions do not work, organisations use them because they are an easy solution to tick a box and they think they are doing the right thing – they are doing the opposite, they are having a negative impact on health and safety. Supplying piles of paperwork is not an indicator of a safety management system.

The only solution that works is an audit – have your suppliers audited to Work Safe Warranty standard. Having your suppliers undergo an audit will give you a true reflection of their health and safety systems.

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Benefits of audits against web based prequal solutions

  • more cost effective, I’ve seen contractors paying $8,000 a year for web based solutions, audit is about $2,000.
  • auditing focuses on systems not piles of paperwork
  • web based systems do not demonstrate implementation
  • auditing adds value to the supplier review process
  • web based solutions do not meet required outcomes
  • web based solutions are more about ticking boxes, not a true indicator of safety management
  • list goes on and on…….


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