We received approval from JAS-ANZ last month to start issuing accredited certification to the new ISO standards…..

ISO 9001:2015


ISO 14001:2015

All organizations currently certified to the old versions or ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are required to transition to the new requirements by September 2018. This will provide with a great opportunity to review your management system and ensure that it’s aligned with the strategic priorities of your organization. This also means that the management system will be more integrated into the business processes. Has quality and environmental management always seemed like “Someone else’s job”? The latest versions of the standards acknowledges that quality and environmental management permeates through the entire business and challenges us to consider the impacts of our decisions. For those already certified, don’t panic, don’t burn your current system and don’t fire your quality or environmental manager. However, be prepared to do a little soul searching and to tweak one or two areas of your already excellent systems and processes to take your system to the next level.

If you get stuck or confused contact us directly or feel free to talk to your International Certifications Conformity Assessment Manager.

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