We are always being asked by clients about what it is like to be an Auditor/Conformity Assessment Manager for International Certifications. We will be putting some brief write ups from some of our Auditors/Conformity Assessment Managers to answer this question. Below is the first one from Kyle Zumbehl who is based in St Louis, MO, USA…… He is an absolute legend, the clients love him and he always goes over and above to do his job to best he can.

I have been working with International Certifications USA as an auditor for almost a year now. When I first started my new career it felt like somewhat of a risky decision due to the stability of my prior career. Looking back it has been the greatest decision I have ever made in my short 27 year life.

My career as an auditor has brought a quality of life to me that I thought I would never experience. I get to work with all kinds of different people, from different backgrounds, and with different ideas. This makes sure that as an auditor I continue to learn each and every day. I get to take all the best ideas and theories that I have learnt through our in-house company training and get to share them with others, adding quality to every business I get to work with. I also get to work with a wide variety of businesses, seeing all kinds of processes.

We have clients all over the United States, even some in Canada and Mexico. Me living in the Midwest, one of the biggest perks of working with IntlCert is the amount of travel that I get to do. I get to see so many parts of the country/world that I would have never in a million years have a chance to visit. Some of my favorite places that I have been are New Zealand, DC, Vancouver, Phoenix, and Lake Tahoe to name a few……..


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