ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) is coming to an end……get in quick for your last WSMP audit!!!

As you are no doubt aware, there have been a number of significant changes to the workplace incentives programs offered by ACC. The changes and information on how they will affect your business are detailed here.

Organizations have been successfully applying the WSMP standard to demonstrate their management of health and safety in the workplace for a little over 15 years. The feedback received would have us believe that this approach has been unsuccessful in reducing the rates of incidents and injuries and that the audits focussed solely on compliance rather than outcomes.

My question is this …If an organization has no health and safety management processes in place and experiences no reported injuries, are they pro-active, or just plain lucky? The issue here is not one of just outcomes, but of positive action.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 clearly indicates a requirement for proactivity and forethought in the management of risk and the prevention of incidents and injuries. It clearly lays out the duties of care we must all adhere to or face the consequences should we be found remiss.

Just because the incentives for maintaining your health and safety program are no longer on offer, do not forget the enormous incentive that still remains. The incentive I am referring to is “Keeping People Safe”…

The withdrawal of the ACC program should not be mourned, but the vacuum it will leave needs to be filled. This is where “WORKSAFE WARRANTY” comes in. The WorkSafe Warranty Standard was first published in 2010 and was specifically designed to offer businesses access to structured standard against which their health and safety management system could be assessed. Over the years it has evolved and developed in line with the needs its users.

WORKSAFE WARRANTY encourages organization to focus on managing their risks and provides a framework to identify and set meaningful objectives for improvement. Not just the “Lagging” indicators or “outcomes” that some quarters would have us believe are the only measure our performance, but the leading indicators that radically improve our health and safety culture, drive improvement and subsequently impact greatly and positively on our performance.

This is not about “How much can I save?” or “What’s in it for us?”…

This is about keeping our people safe, this is about our commitment to improving New Zealand’s health and safety statistics, one company at a time.

Being compliant to WORKSAFE WARRANTY is not about a piece of paper on your wall or promise of a reward for doing what needs to be done. It is about having the confidence that your health and safety systems and its processes are working the way they should be, to benefit you, your people and your organization.

Your WORKSAFE WARRANTY auditor is not there to catch you out, trip you up or beat you down. They care about safety; they care about your people as much as you do……….

If you were planning on having your ACC WSMP audit next year best you bring it forward and get your discount off your levies for the last time under the WSMP scheme.

Contact us today to book your last ACC WSMP audit or to enquire about the WorkSafe Warranty audit scheme.

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