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About International Certifications

Welcome to International Certifications, world leaders in the assessment and certification of management systems.

We were established in 1994 and since then we have grown to be a well recognized international brand with an extensive network of international offices and assessors. We have certified over ten thousand clients around the world and we currently offer more than thirty certification programs.

We are completely different from other certification bodies in that we are totally customer focused, we offer a value-added service and we endeavour to give our clients the true benefits of assessment and certification by not only looking for compliance but also looking for opportunities for improvement.

We encourage our clients to think of their auditors as a valuable resource not just as a necessary evil.

When you become a client of ours we don’t see it as just closing the sale but rather the start of a long term relationship.


We believe that the Quality of our service is paramount in terms of customer satisfaction. An element of this is the way we process your certification. Flexibility to meet your requirements is important to us, and we will process your application through to certification as fast as you require. This can be a matter of just a few weeks!


All our clients receive a firm fixed price quotation; we believe that as we are experts in our own field, we are able to determine exactly the total costs to you for the entire certification process. This does not simply detail the cost of initial certification but the total for the three year certification period; this is presented in a year-by-year format to assist with financial planning. You are therefore not left in any doubt as to the true cost of certification with International Certifications – “what is shown on the quotation is what will be shown on the invoice”

User Friendliness and Support

We have no preconceived ideas on how you should apply ISO 9000 (or any other standard for that matter) to your business. It is your company, and you know the best way to apply the requirements of the standard to your business. Our role is to assess whether your management system does in fact comply with the relevant standard regardless of how you have done it!

We also view support for your quality initiatives as an important part of our activities, and therefore we look, not simply for compliance with the standards, but also for issues to bring to your attention in terms of how your management systems and operations could perhaps be improved. After all, when our certificate hangs in your reception area, we are entrusting our reputation into your hands!

Our auditors and their approach

Our auditors are well known and respected in many countries. They have many years experience in assessing management systems in companies, and all of our audit staff are in full compliance with ISO 19011.

Auditors are often seen as being in a “policing” role rather than in a support role. It is true that one of the components of the audit is to look for compliance with the selected management system standard but the other often ignored component is that of improvement. Certification bodies are not allowed to consult but we are allowed to identify those areas where the company could improve their activities and operations if they considered alternative ways of controlling the processes. This is an underlying tenet of our audit operations; we would rather make a dozen suggestions and have just one of them result in an improvement rather than make none because of the focus on compliance.

We are not bothered if you ignore our suggestions as you know your own business better than anyone else. We also recommend our clients to “question” us if they feel that we have generated an invalid CAR. We are always happy to explain the validity of any CARs and have yet to withdraw one! Even though we may only see our clients a couple of times a year, we try to be a part of the team, albeit part-time, and as such our clients are always free to contact us with any concerns or uncertainties about certification, the standards, or their systems


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